Achieving the French Wardrobe

I can’t recall when I first heard of the ‘French Wardrobe‘ but it popped up on my radar again a few weeks ago and ever since I have been quite obsessed with the concept.

The ‘French Wardrobe’ boils down to a question of essentials. What are the five items you need for the following season? Quality over excess, a wardrobe that makes sense together. With this in mind you limit yourself to buying up to and only up to five items per six month season. Basics excluded.

Prior to this obsession starting, my wardrobe was in desperate need of some direction, sorting, culling. My biggest problem is that I don’t like to get rid of things. I feel like if I don’t wear something all the time now, some time later I will fall in love with it all over again and miss it.

So I went through my wardrobe, cut, cut, cutting it down to what I actually wore. Items that needed darning or repairing but still had life in them went in one box, items I can’t bear to part with but aren’t wearing at the moment went into another for storage and a third for a charity shop.

I was left with this.

Yes, that is still one hella full wardrobe, but now I have direction. Now I know what I am missing and thanks to Sabrina from AfterDRK’s basics list, I know what items I need basics wise. (Speaking of, Sabrina’s 5 piece french wardrobe journey is quite fun to follow)

To be honest it’s almost funny, I have a hugely full wardrobe and very few basics.

plain black dress


1, 2,

My aim with the black dress is something that I can wear with tights and jumpers in Winter to change up how it looks. At the moment I’m really drawn to loose shapes ala the white pepper.

black bottomsbottoms

1, 2, 3

A shiny pair of black skinny pants, and short black skirts to wear with tights and ankle boots come colder days.


1, 2, 3

On the hunt for the perfect jumper. Jumpers that can be worn over dresses that nip in perfectly at the waist seem to be too much of an ask.

items on the basics list but yet to be sourced

The perfect pair of blue jeans
A white blouse
A leather jacket or substitute for my current black jacket which is dying
Black pumps

I don’t know if I can stick to the five piece rule. But my dreams of having a wardrobe that is primarily navy, blue and white are currently really strong.

What are your thoughts on the french wardrobe? Inclined to try it out? Comment below!


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