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Today I head to Māoriland!

If you have no clue what I’m referring to here then let’s get talking.

Māoriland Film Festival is a brand spanking new international Indigenous Film Festival located in Otaki, New Zealand.

Kicking off for the first time on Wednesday 26th of March, Māoriland will showcase a selection of indigenous short and feature films by Indigenous film makers from across the globe.

We’re talking short film selections from ImagiNATIVE in Canada and Sundance, Mystery Road, Boy, The Pa Boys, Shopping, The Māori Merchant of Venice, Utu Redux and much much more.

Māoriland is an important opportunity to celebrate and foster indigenous filmmaking in Aotearoa, to network, to see what other indigenous groups from across the globe have to offer. Even better? I’ll be there, working away on the social side of things.

Check out the programme here and come on down!/up. Tickets to movie sessions are only $6!!

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