The Paddington

Earlier this year I received an invitation to coffee from Zomato. Zomato? It rung no bells but the words in the email, ‘food blogger network’ really stood out to me.

Turns out Zomato is an online restaurant guide, it features restaurant info, menus, reviews and suggestions. What sold me on it? If you become a Zomato reviewer you go into the draw to win restaurant vouchers and!! The exciting bit – reviewers are ranked according to their number of followers and number of reviews they publish. This really stood out to me because I am very competitive.

So come last Wednesday I was invited to a foodie meetup at The Paddington. Foodie meet ups are a monthly event run by Zomato. They select around 10 of the Zomato bloggers to join them at a restaurant where they are wined and dined and given the full tour of the venue. This month the location was The Paddington.

Located at the bottom of Parnell, The Paddington appears to be another nice pub – think The Dominion, The Kingslander sort of deal.

I was really impressed to discover it’s actually quite a bit more.

Let’s start with the food.


Hoegaarden cured salmon wrapped in cucumber ribbons and Confit Vine Ribbon Bruschetta from the catering menu.


Home made mushroom wontons and honey soy beef skewers with a chilli lime dressing from the appetiser menu.

Seafood chowder served in a bread bowl.


Caesar salad with chicken and calamari.


Salami, chicken and caramelised red onion with BBQ sauce pizza.


Pork Belly Burger with Japanese Slaw and Fries


Guiness and Bailey’s Cheesecake

First of all I’ll point out that I didn’t actually eat ALL of this – we had sample sizes and big ones to photograph/ share. Obviously it’s a lot of food and a lot to take in so let me focus on the highlights. I would to a certain degree say everything – I was really really impressed by the food on offer as a whole. My favourite moments however? The seafood chowder and the pork belly burger.

My ascension into seafood lover continues. A year ago I would have never ever ever tried a seafood chowder, but oh my. It was delicious! As for the pork belly burger… pork belly, coleslaw and the clincher – fresh slices of apple. The apple cut through the fat and made a refreshing twist for what would usually be a rather heavy meal. Sold!

Then there was the venue itself… which I have no photos of. But imagine brick walls, soft lights, big spaces for partying or small corners to snuggle into. I instantly thought, ‘this would make a great party venue’ and if you are looking for that sort of deal the management come across as really accommodating.

The really exciting bit though? The grandstand room, a room with tiered seating and av capabilities used for watching sports games. In my head I instantly saw, ‘this would make a great fringe show venue’ (ever the theatre goer eh).

The Paddington was really quite impressive. I’ve been there for a drink before but I had no idea of the possibilities on offer. The food was amazing (I will be going again!) the company just as fab and the venue itself quite impressive.

Thanks Paddington and Zomato! I loved it.

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