Mermaid Hair Is OUT

Blunt cuts are in…

An internal battle had been waging within me for a while. See, after five odd years of growing my hair it had become quite long. My hair was long enough to provide modesty ala Eve in the garden or a tropical waterfall hair ad. It was certifiable mermaid hair. It was the dream. But I was over it. And so, an idea tossed and turned in my head for days, weeks, months. ‘Cut it all off, cut it all off’ my subconscious told me. ‘But I can plait a braid crown long enough to wrap around my head twice!’ I’d tell myself. Then enough became enough. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long enough to braid around your head twice if it’s stupidly annoying and heavy and a chore to wash instead.

So I took the plunge, made a same day (what luck!) hair appointment at my beloved salon, Luxe and Duke and chopped off five odd inches.

It was one of those decisions which could have ended in tears. I could have hated it. If I’ll be honest, I’m still in a bit of shock over it. But it’s now a hell of a lot shorter and as per usual Leanne has done exactly what I wanted.

Photo on 26-03-14 at 8.3337229 am

So lets rave about her a bit. I started going to Leanne Williams at Luxe and Duke after my aunt Sophie did. Sophie also has long luscious locks and I liked what was happening with them, so I’ll be blunt, I decided to go and copy her. It turns out that Leanne was even better than her finished product. As in, Leanne really understands long hair – she gets you when you go in after months and months of not having a trim and gives you a healthy cut while losing as little length as possible. Girls, you get me when I say that’s a rarity right?

I’ve always asked for essentially the same hair cut from her though, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Well, guess what, she took exactly what I described and made it happen just like I wanted it. She is amazing.

I would really recommend Luxe and Duke as a salon. Cuts are $100 a pop and totally worth every cent. If you can’t get Leanne I’d also recommend Kate Henry (also at Luxe and Duke), she is also wonderful!


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