The Travel Wardrobe

P1040534Continuing on the theme of the french wardrobe is the idea that for every say 10 items of clothing you can make perhaps 40 different outfits. It’s an ethos that makes packing for travel simple. But it can be difficult to achieve, to get just right. I don’t want to gloat but I think mine may be just about there.

This travel wardrobe could as easily be described as a capsule wardrobe. It’s compact and in many ways complete, interchangeable, versatile. It could almost be my whole wardrobe (if I could bear to part with the rest of it).

So what’s to it?

Two pairs of pants, one a pair of black high waisted suit pants, which can be rolled up at the ankle or worn full, the second a pair of dark blue skinny leg pants.

Two skirts, one black velvet and knee length, the second light blue and shorter.

A white t shirt, a grey t shirt.

A white silky button up shirt, a cream silky blouse (both with hearts).

A stripey long sleeve top for layering.

A black merino jumper and black jacket.

Dresses, one maxi, one fancy, one casual.

Shoes, black ankle boots, sneakers, vans, a pair of heels.

Accessories, scarves for pops of colour, chunky necklaces, colour stockings.

The colour palette is obviously important. What slides together smoothly?

The result? Nearly every piece from each category can be worn in combination, layering, contrasting, accenting. The result? A different outfit for each day without having to pack that way.



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