March in Literature

It’s been a while. But book number one was a bit of a challenge.

cloud atlascloud-atlas-book-cover1David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas was a Christmas present recommended for me by the lovely people at Time Out Books.

On reflection, Cloud Atlas is essentially an exploration of human nature throughout time. Told across six stories set throughout different time periods it hops from early pacific colonisation to european composition, to murder mystery before eventually settling on dystopia and it’s post apocalyptic outcomes. Each story is told in two parts, the first part ending abruptly to feed into a next story before being concluded once each had been introduced. This was a bit of a mare. You’d find yourself getting into the story only to have to adjust to a new world, a new writing style. It took me a while.

But as the last two stories began to develop I found myself increasingly invested in the story and as the part 2’s were revealed found myself appreciating the struggle it had been to begin with. At the novels conclusion I found myself totally drawn in and engaged. It really was just an exploration of us, how we use and abuse the world, how greed drives people to ruin everything.

So would I recommend it? Yes, very much yes. But warning, it’s a struggle (a worthwhile one).

Divergent_hqComparatively Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth were the easiest things ever. Really, it’s not unexpected though – they are young adult novels.

Divergent comes out at the movies this weekend in NZ and is also The Dizain Collective’s book of the month so it’s a pretty timely read. I also read both books across one night each so there’s that too.

Shades of The Hunger Games, Divergent is a dystopic ya novel set in a city where the inhabitants are divided into factions based upon their personality type – abnegation (selfless), candor (honesty), amity (peacefulness), erudite (wisdom) and dauntless (bravery). Divergent is set as this 11735983set up turns to crap with the protagonist, Tris right in the middle.

It’s a really easy read, the writing style isn’t that sophisticated and sometimes aspects of the plot can get a bit repetitive and snoozy but at the same time, I could not put it down. The concepts are interesting enough that I literally could not sleep until I finished Divergent and last night when I read Insurgent (the sequel) it was the same.

Obviously, I like dystopia.

What are you reading at the moment? I’d love any recommendations! 


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