My Bed, My Universe


Massive’s My Bed, My Universe is a bit like going to visit an old friend who has had a makeover. You recognise the bones, or could we say structure but what you see is a brand new face.

That’s, My Bed, My Universe. It’s familiarly a Massive show, but this time, instead of talking about what it is to be a man, we’re talking about home, about family, about the worlds we inhabit.

It’s a dreamscape, what you could even (even if it does sound ridiculously pretentious) call a transcendental experience. Massive themselves call it a big bang moment, personally I think it’s more subtle than that but I’m yet to find the words.

When you dissect My Bed, My Universe, each (and nearly every) element is beautiful. In collaboration with the NZ Trio there is a beautiful fusion between strings, piano and performance. Everyone on stage is switched on, alive. Impressively the trio slip in seamlessly with Massive’s cast of veterans, there are no clunky distinctions between actor and musician.

Visually, the story telling is peppered with the physicality common to Massive work, lit gorgeously by Jane Hakaraia (full disclosure, my mother). I might be biased but those were something special, a beautiful combination of pinks and purple against a painted, egg speckled (you might even say mini egg speckled) cyc, with gold illuminating the cast in front.

My only element for the nearly would be the av – it had edges which bugged me.

My Bed, My Universe is a show that will polarise people in that it is quite experimental – it tells stories without clearly doing so. If you’re not in the right head space you may struggle to ‘get it’. But it’s the sort of show where you take in what you see and go off on a mental tangent of your own. There are moments which will move you and moments which are just silly fun.

My Bed, My Universe is a journey, a journey that I’d like to partake in again. This time I was so focussed on looking at it that I missed alot of the story, next time I want to look at it as a whole.

It’s on until Saturday night at the Concert Chamber and then at Mangere Arts from the 9th -12th. Go take a look and let me know what you take away from it. I’m intrigued.

Also, check out the website for really cool behind the scenes stuff – I am really  impressed by the social they’ve done for it.



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