Strangers Are Just Friends I Haven’t Met Yet

I suppose I have always had a bit of a laissez-faire attitude towards strangers. It wasn’t necessarily that I was bold (I was often the opposite), it’s more that I consider strangers to be friends I haven’t met yet.

Translating this mantra to online spaces just made sense, I’m pretty at home with meeting people off the Internet (mostly Twitter) but it’s always funny when people find out I met someone on the Internet. That stranger danger fear is strong.

Meeting people off Twitter is special though, you’re friends not because you have to be, but because you genuinely share interests.

A shared love of food being what led to this little feast.

Francesca was back from Houston and celebrating leaving an old job and getting a new one, I was back from Otaki, Laura also had a new job. What better way to celebrate than with food? We met Francesca and her work mates at Fukuko and tucked in.


Steamed Pork buns and Salt and Pepper Squid, Japanese Fried Chicken (not pictured) and Sticky Pulled Pork Tacos, Edamame Beans and Cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails.

IMG_6130 IMG_6128

It was actually so good that I ended up going back for lunch the next day and across the two days trying every cocktail on the first page of their cocktail menu.


It’s research isn’t it? Now I can tell you to beware the nori chips (they have a strong dose of wasabi attached) and to indulge in the Tessen (Fukuko pineapple shochu and Japanese plum wine topped with bubbles), the Earl Grey Martini (Japanese shochu infused with earl grey tea and juniper berries together with sugar, fresh lemon juice and an orange zest) and the Japanese Gimlet (Three citrus infused shochu, simple syrup, fresh lime juice and lemon zest).


If you’re feeling really adventurous, this little beauty is a current special – Ciroc Vodka and Wine with frozen grapes and a scoop of grape gelato. Devilishly strong but tasty when mixed together.

We could have left it at that, but Grace had arrived and Francesca mentioned Milse

Milse? I’d heard it was great so enthusiastically agreed but nobody had told me that Milse was the dessert restaurant!?!


Entering Milse is like entering every dream you ever had of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or for that matter chocolate factories full stop. Cabinets of trifle, macarons, gelato, gateaux and truffles lined up to greet you on entry.

By chance we were seated at the Chefs table which meant that we were able to observe the magic as it was created, spray paint, dry ice, container upon container of delicious bite sized goodness being whipped into utter perfection.


I opted to go for a ‘simple’ (cheap) but divine gateaux – chocolate, salted caramel and coffee. Laura joined me with this and I promise, there’s no hesitation when I tell you that it was amazing.

The other girls plumped for something a bit special…


Milse’s eat in menu changes regularly and is designed around a key ingredient. Francesca went for the Valrhona Kalingo (chocolate) with Jasmine Tea, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel (there were also brownie bits etc in there to plump it up).


Grace’s choice was a bit more impressive, Passionfruit with banana and coconut. It came out with this dome of liquified passionfruit and banana chilled around a ladle with dry ice.


Underneath she found the following, coconut gelato, banana, banana cake, coconut bits, passionfruit dollops. They don’t do things by halves I’ll tell you that.

After ogling the chefs at work for a considerable time we headed home, goody bags full of macarons, bellies full, spirits high.

Until next time, Milse, Fukuko, Grace, Laura, Francesca. I enjoyed you well.



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3 Responses to Strangers Are Just Friends I Haven’t Met Yet

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  2. frockandroll says:

    ”Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet” – YES! What an awesome saying! That probably best describes my attitude to meeting new people, too :)

    Also… THAT FOOD. *heart-eyes* A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

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