Clouds of Easter

Last Saturday I woke up with an overwhelming desire for macarons. I blame a flu induced delirium because before reason could have a chance to intervene I was out of bed and beating egg whites. It proved to be quite a strenuous task for my flu riddled body but the results were delicious.

With one successful batch of Macarons down I decided to make a batch to take to work. And with Easter looming why not make hot cross bun flavoured ones?

I used exactly the same recipe as before but added in pinches of mixed spice and dashes of caramel (salted caramel was a must as well). I slid this batch into the oven, one after the over but perhaps was a little over zealous in how much time I gave them. Where my first batch had been quite similar to your standard macaron, my second was more akin to a macaron meets a ginger kiss and you know what? I think I prefer the latter. My work mates compared them to clouds of joy so I think it’s safe to say they were a success.


So how do we make them?

I followed this recipe from Red with a couple of adaptations – if you want to make clouds rather than macarons then take them out of the oven after 7 rather than 10 minutes – they’ll look firm but won’t have had a chance to crisp up.

If you want to give them a hot cross bun flavour add a teaspoon of mixed spice before piping them onto a tray. Extra for experts tip – plastic zip lock bags with a corner snipped off make a great make do piping bag.

For the fillings I went for butter cream – this is what truly marries macarons with ginger kisses. To whip up a standard butter cream filling I used 100g of softened butter (whipped with an electric beater) mixed with a cup of icing sugar.

For a hot cross bun flavour I added a couple of teaspoons of mixed spice. For a salted caramel flavour I mixed the salted caramel recipe here with the butter cream.

Butter a side of biscuit delicately and generously before sandwiching with another half. The resulting creation is pure morish evilness, aka is delicious. Perfect for the Easter weekend.



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