Eight at The Langham




I’m not sure if when I first mentioned the Online girls if I quite detailed the nature of our relationship. See, it centres around food, glorious food, usually in high volumes. So it made perfect sense that for Laura’s birthday that we would do something quite extravagant.

Francesca suggested Eight at The Langham and the opportunity leaped upon. Eight – eight kitchens, all you can eat, made to order.

It turned out to be a pretty overwhelming experience.

When you walk into the kitchen of Eight you find yourself surrounded by food, there’s cheeses and bread, a salad bar, meat bar, noodles and dim sum, seafood, sushi, Indian, pancakes and mini dessert station complete with chocolate fountain. The impact of all of these options creates a frenzy – how will you finish it all? how will you get the full experience? We intended to try as much as we could but regardless I found myself both giddy and panicking with every trip to the kitchen.


With so much food ahead of us, this was not the time to be pigging out on individual plates. We kept them small, tasting sized, starting off with cheeses and a personalised caesar salad.


The cheeses were pretty ordinary but the caesar was delicious. That is a pepperdew you can see, yes.


Next was meat, aka ostrich, kangaroo and venison with a slice of haloumi each for good measure. Alongside this station were warmers full with mashed potato, carrots and roast veges. Upon reflection all I really needed from here was the haloumi.

IMG_6316 IMG_6319

The seafood section is where you can really get your monies worth at Eight. I mean look at it….

IMG_6324 IMG_6328

and then there’s the made to order stuff…

This plate was possibly my favourite of the bunch, prawns and scampi being my top picks. It was also the station which made me a bit uncomfortable – this restaurant is all about the decadence of the volume of food on offer which means lots of wastage.

IMG_6336 IMG_6338

As we came to the Sushi and Indian stations we were beginning to find ourselves feeling a bit tight around the edges. The biryani and dahl were pretty standard but the made to order naan was divine, the sushi selection was actually pretty small (despite the volume of sushi in the photo below, there were actually only five flavours on offer at this point). Earlier we’d seen purple rice and all sorts of things but we seemed to catch this station at a low point.


My selection was pretty simple. Chicken and avocado. Standard.


Last but not least were the desserts. I think I could have eaten more if we hadn’t gone here – see what I mean about the frenzy – I’m still obsessing about not having taken full advantage of it!


The obvious choice was to go for one of everything and share them. Creme brulee, chocolate torte, Kapiti ice cream, red velvet cupcakes…




Crepes with nutella, strawberry jam and vanilla cream….


Tiramisu and cheesecake…



Panna cotta, a raspberry cake and hiding in the background – rice pudding.

We were pretty happy with ourselves. We even tried to get a photograph but there was a lot of flash and not enough dessert pictured (dang it waiter!)



Afterwards I felt downright sickly. I barely slept for my sore belly and didn’t really need to eat at all the next day. Yet, I still felt and feel like I could have tried more, enjoyed more, stayed longer.

That’s the problem with Eight – and restaurants like it and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know if I’d do it again. I did have a great time, the company was the absolute best and who doesn’t enjoy having an unlimited run at the kitchen? But at the same time, for $85 there was nothing which really caught my imagination, no dish that blew my mind. It was good food sure, but it wasn’t anything really special. 

There’s also the waste factor. Sure I like me a bit of a decadence but seeing how much was just sitting there and undoubtedly would end up in the bin was a bit of a downer.

Eight is an experience, and if you’re into overeating and want a massive feed then it’s totally for you. But I think I’d rather a few small plates that absolutely blow my mind. That being said, I’ve been on the website and breakfast during the week is only $39….

Perhaps next #bloggersbreakfastclub?





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2 Responses to Eight at The Langham

  1. Fantastic review, I have always wondered if it would be worth it to try out this restaurant. For $85 you can get a pretty awesome meal at a normal restaurant but you don’t get the selection, such a catch 22!

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