One For Me and One For You

My first taste of eating in an ‘outside of my house’ setting came in the form of the cafe. Atomic on the corner of Victoria and Hood street was our local and I was the cafe kid. That sounds really obnoxious but we went there a lot and I’d order herbal tea from pre school age and take my fruity bix along with me. Obnoxious/odd take your pick.

As I got older (read – started school) cafes became more and more of a treat experience, so much so that even though I can pretty much go whenever I like now (coincidence being that I’ve finished school) the idea of going to a cafe for Brunch still fills me with the utmost glee.

Which leads me to brunch at two very special cafes. Olive in Wellington and Ironique in Auckland. Ironique is probably my current Auckland fave while Olive (although I’ve only been there once) is a strong contender for a Wellington favourite. See – one for me and one for you.

Coincidence makes it that both were visited for these photos with other bloggers – Morgan from Hyacinth Girl for Olive and Lizzy at My Foxy Corner and Laura from LauraLauraBlog for #BloggersBreakfastClub at Ironique.

Another similarity and very important point is that both feature courtyards, Olive’s is a stunning jungle whilst Ironique’s features plastic walls making it great in bad weather. The courtyards really won me over to both.


Then there is the food. I can’t help myself but consistently order a big breakfast whenever I brunch. I’m not really a pancake girl, and I hate to ‘choose’ my food – I want to try everything. The good thing about being consistent is being able to compare and contrast across different settings.


So here is the BB at Olive…


And here is the vege BB at Ironique. Ironique technically wins (even if it has a dumb name) because it features haloumi but in all fairness both were amazing. Perfectly prepared, fresh, flavoursome. The sausages at Olive were divine.


If you asked me right now, where should I go for brunch in Auckland or Wellington these two would be my picks, without question. It’s really so obvious that I can’t be much more than blunt and authoritarian like when I say that they are my favourites and my best.

But I’m sure you’d like to tell me I’m wrong. So how about it? What would your one for me and one for you be? People from other cities chirp up too! I have food oriented travel on the brain…


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2 Responses to One For Me and One For You

  1. Yay Olive <3 I haven't been there in a couple of weeks… too long! I also love Fidels and The Hangar in Wellington.

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