Grad Garms

I graduate next week. Next Wednesday to be precise and I’ll be graduating with a lilac hood. Technically I’m getting both a lilac and a pink hood but you’re only allowed to wear one in the ceremony.

I’m pretty excited (despite the fact that I know the reality will be extremely boring and the fact that I’m not sure if I know anyone else graduating with me). And of course excitement leads to planning what I wish to wear.

Below are two takes. One is light and summery, the other probably more friendly for the weather we’re having. Unfortunately I probably cannot afford to complete either. But dreams are free.

grad 1

Dress by Miss Crabb, Necklace by Shh by Sadie, Novo Heels, Hansel from Basel Socks 1 & 2, a Maison Scotch Clutch, Iceland Eyeshadow from NARS as inspired by Morgan, Lonely Lingerie and Rose and Thorne Lingerie

grad 2

Another Miss Crabb, Another Shh by Sadie Necklace, Purse from Sashenka, Lingerie from Rose and Thorne, Another Hansel from Basel Sock, Chaos & Harmony Boots and MAC eyeshadows in Stars & Rockets and Satellite Dreams

Across this selection are three new (to me) brands which I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

Shh by Sadie.
Hansel from Basel.

Sadie is Wellington based and her designs are seriously cool, I discovered her thanks to the lovely Julia Deans. Meanwhile Sashenka was discovered in a small boutique in Otaki. Stranger things have happened and I want pretty much everything they make. Both look as good in the flesh as they do on-screen. As for Hansel from Basel – that’s an Internet only discovery, but my oh my do they look stunning huh?

Secret trust fund, you can appear now please.


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4 Responses to Grad Garms

  1. Beauty_Ed says:

    Oh I want a secret trust fund too. PS. Your taste is impeccable. :-)

  2. WendyWings says:

    You would look stunning in either outfit. Congratulations on graduating :)

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