Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones


I couldn’t go to Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones but it sounded amazing – shadow puppetry? comedy? kids show? All scream ‘this will be great!!!’ to me. Then it occurred to me – I have kid sisters, I could send them for me. So this review comes to from the enthusiastic mind of Izzy de Young, Miss 12. 

When looking for a good kids show you generally look at the reviews for the show so I’m reviewing sticks, stones, broken bones, which is on at the Herald Theatre 29 April-3 May. I like the Herald, I like how spacious the foyer is, the bar and the seating arrangements. The actual theatre was just right for the show and even has a ‘crying room’.

First off the set was basic yet effective, there was a washing line with clothes, rubber gloves, and random pieces of old recyclable looking junk. It reminded a little bit of Carousels and Clotheslines – amazing and terrifying. On the left side of the stage there is a white sheet that looked kinda like an old western wanted poster but cleaner.

That sheet became the screen for Jeff Achtem’s intriguing shadow puppet show. He had a light on stage which would shine onto the sheet. He acts and talks like Mr. Bean and has a Jim Carrey in Lemony Snickets, A Series of Unfortunate Events kind of look. He interacted with the crowd a lot. Telling them to awww and ahhhhh and to hold things and got one audience member to come on stage with him and to fight his puppets.

These puppets were made by Jeff himself from random objects on stage, I liked this because it gave us an idea of how to do it your self.

One thing that made me wow was the end. After a horse riding act he got one of his puppets, a little man to run across a treadmill until the words the end popped up and bubbles came out. The music was fitting and it looked brilliant on the sheet, my little sister said the music was happy tappy dancy.

We had an extremely amazing time at Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones and we even got free popcorn and juice (yay!) That might have been because it was the first show though.

Overall this show is a must see for anyone and is differently worth the price.

You can find more information about the show and ticketing info here!


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