Sweet and Sour at Lush

Yesterday morning was hectic, a big job and a crucial lunchtime appointment.

The aim was to finish the job before lunchtime so that I could enjoy my break.

Three photocopiers, 14 eastlights and a sprint later and I made it, to my happy place and importantly with one of my favourite people – my mother.

Lush had invited us along to enjoy a Mother’s Day arm treatment. Now my mother isn’t really one for pampering (she has a short attention span for it), but I’d had one of these at the Christmas bash and knew that she’d love it.

We arrived at Lush’s Queen St store just after One and were quickly taken under the wing of the lovely and super friendly Monique. She took us around the store getting us to smell things and point out our faves towards creating our very own treatments. I should have taken photos, but I was a  wee bit too excited.

Soon we had settled on combinations that could be easily identified as a split between ‘Sweet’ and ‘Sour’. Sweet vanilla and honey scents for me and sour but refreshing citrus and jasmine scents for Mum.

Sour Lush Treatment

I let Mum go first with her ‘Sour Treatment’, which right from the beginning smelt incredible. I’d previously avoided Happy Hippy due to unfounded thoughts that it would be full of patchouli, turns out I was quite wrong and it smells amazing! Made with pink grapefruit it’s fresh and citrusy and absolutely divine.

This was followed by Buffy, a body scrub full of cocoa and shea butters which allows it to scrub and moisturise simultaneously.

Buffy may have left Mum’s arms soft and supple but why leave it at one moisturiser when you could have two? Each Peach massage bar was brought out for the occasion after which the difference between Mum’s treated arm and other arm was insane – so much moisture.

To finish it all off, Mum was treated to a light dusting of Lustre, a Jasmine scented dusting powder packed full of gold glitter. On the skin it gave her a lick of Summer sun with an incredible finished scent.

With Mum done, I could barely wait for my turn.

Lush Sweet Treatment

For my ‘Sweet’ treatment – We started with Honey I Washed the Kids combined with Let The Good Times Roll (far right) to scrub and moisturise. Honey I Washed the Kids is a sweet Honey scented body wash while Let The Good Times Roll was actually devised as a facial cleanser but can be used all over the body. In combination you get a slippery, scrubby lotion that smells incredible, think honey and warm gingerbread.

We followed this up with Vanilla Dee-Lite for no reason other than that this body wash smells bloody incredible chased up by Soft Coeur (not pictured). Warmed up between the hands and then rubbed over my arm Soft Coeur is a massage bar packed with shea butter, cocoa butter, cocoa and honey. It smelt good enough to eat!

To finish it all off and take off a little bit of stickiness left behind by Soft Coeur Monique tapped on Vanilla Puff, one of Lush’s dusting powders. These powders really are a bit of a skin care revelation if you want to take the stick off a body butter or other moisturiser. Lightly dust your skin and you keep the moisturiser without the sticky factor!

After our treatments we were both left smelling amazing and deeply relaxed. Monique’s arm massages are incredible, and Mum was actually stoked with the end result! (We just wish that Lush would also do neck and back massages).

As for the products? We instantly went home with Vanilla Puff*, Lustre*, Soft Coeur* and Buffy*, a Rosie gift pack for Mum on Sunday and the rest added to the shopping list for later.

I headed back to work for the afternoon feeling infinitely better and smelling amazing (as can be attested to by my work mates who I made smell my arm).

In the interest of you guys getting your own personalised treatment together, the lovely girls at Lush Queen st said to just head on in and they’ll create magic with you. I highly recommend it (GraceFace!)

Happy Mothers Day Mama!


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4 Responses to Sweet and Sour at Lush

  1. Tasha Knight says:

    I LOVE reading peoples post about Lush and all their product recommendations! Makes me glad (and my bank balance happy) that the easiest Lush to get to is just over an hours train ride away- great way to stop impulse purchases! :)

  2. V says:

    This sounds absolutely wonderful

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