A Bite of Quesadilla

Family burrito bowls

At work we have a little tradition. Each pay week Friday we leave the office and go out for lunch. The venue can vary but two things are a must – great easy food and delicious cocktails.

Recently our venue of choice has been Fukuko, small but perfectly formed with an amazing array of cocktails. But for a while our favourite was Mexico for quesadillas and sangria.

Mushroom quesadillas, dripping with cheese with refreshing sangria to match. I had to try recreate them both for myself.

So it happened that I found myself in Otaki, with a question mark over dinner and a desire for something divine. The Londoner’s Burrito Bowls came to mind and as an extra treat we threw on these quesadillas and a pitcher of sangria which disappeared before I could even snap it!

Mushroom Quesadilla

If you don’t mind me saying myself, the finished product was divine. So divine that it begs to be shared with all of you.

The sangria was simple – step one. google Mexico’s menu, step two. set yourself to obtain sparkling wine, Phoenix sparkling apple juice, some fresh citrus fruit and a dash of cranberry. Fail to obtain rose syrup. step three. mix together, chop up the fruit (limes, oranges and lemons) and squeeze/ drop in. step four. serve and guzzle.

The quesadillas were a teeny bit more complicated, but just as satisfying.

To make five quesadillas you will need:

  • 10 tortilla/ wraps
  • a large bag of mushrooms (a combo of button and field/ portobello is all the merrier)
  • three (or more, depending on your inclination) cloves of garlic
  • a sprig of thyme or oregano or both
  • a large 50 g sized knob of butter
  • plenty of cheese

Begin by chopping up your garlic and sautéing it in a saucepan with your butter (special trick – add a dash of olive or canola oil to stop the butter from burning). Then chop up your mushrooms and fling them in with the garlic. It might seem a bit dry at first but then the mushrooms will start crying and all will be well. Add the herbs. When the mushrooms are suitably cooked through and smelling and tasting delicious stir in two handfuls of grated cheese. Any cheese, the more the merrier!

With your mushrooms lubricated and mouth wateringly good you can dress them.

Solicit the assistance of a sandwich press and place a tortilla down. Spread mushrooms over the top and sprinkle more grated cheese. When you’re happy with the density of your filling grab another tortilla and sandwich them up. Close the press and toast until hello presto – quesadillas!

Psst! They taste especially good smothered with fresh guacamole.




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