It would appear that all my content this week may be veering towards a theme. But I appreciate food almost more than I appreciate buying things and having them arrive on my doorstep (and have far less restraint in the matter of eating it than I do with buying in the latter).

A lack of restraint when it comes to loosening my purse strings brings me to Kushi. The restaurant I’m dubbing, ‘where you go when you are very hungry and are low on cash but really want to eat out so need one meal to last you for a decent amount of time’. Whoops, that was a mouthful.

Tucked up in Durham st Kushi is quickly becoming a not so secret secret for a great lunch deal. It’s kinda like the Tawharanui of cbd eating locations. For $12 you can get a serving of meat (teriyaki chicken, fish katsu, spicy chicken, or beef yakiniku) or tofu with rice, two pieces of sushi, a potato croquette, cabbage salad and bowl of miso.

The miso comes out first to tide you over whilst your main is cooked, arriving fairly quickly and ticking all the boxes – delicious, satisfying and fresh.

Kushi also boasts a range of sushi rolls and donburi or udon bowls but the lunch deal hits the spot for me. It’s a great price for a pretty decent sized portion of food. In fact, I’m regretting not being there right now (shhh revive pad thai salad, I’m enjoying you too).

We found Kushi thanks to a Grabone voucher but I’m sure there’s plenty of other secret restaurants hiding up back alleys. So go on, what are your favourite ‘secret’ eating locations?




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4 Responses to Kushi

  1. Set menus are great for watching the budget. No weird hidden costs (like rice or tea).

    The best secret spot I ever went to was a secret kitchen in Hong Kong. It was in an apartment block and you could only enter if you had booked a table because as with all apartment blocks, you had to be buzzed in. Once we arrive the whole floor had been converted into a restaurant but still had the feeling you were in someone’s apartment.

    Word of mouth only so you could only be bought by someone who had dined there previously.

    It was a banquet set menu (no ordering allowed), all vegetarian and all very luxurious. There were many, many dishes and they just keep coming out one after another. I’ve never come across another meal like it. I don’t know if we have secrets like that here in Auckland.

    • madicattt says:

      That sounds incredible! I love what the people at pop dining are doing (yet to make it to an event though) but you’re right I think. We need some risk takers huh :)

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