Dining at The Store

The Store Lunch The Store Portobello Mushrooms


Who do you desire most? A perfectly ripe avocado? Salmon, gravlaxed, smoked, raw? Capers, or should I say salty balls of magic, Soft shell crab, fresh from Masu? Mushrooms, drenched in garlic and butter, Cheese, soft, smooth, stinky, creamy…

These are but a few of the great loves of my life and quite obviously they are food and perhaps even more obviously the images above feature the latter two.

Cheese and mushrooms. Cheese and mushrooms on toast. Perfection.

In an unintended twist of fate these also occurred on another Zomato food date. I promise that I didn’t mean to post two Zomato posts in a row and I swear it’s not a set up! This time it was a simple lunch date at The Store to catch up. 

Yat-chi ordered the granola, I ordered what appeared to be mushrooms and some fancy named things that I wasn’t sure of. It turned out that these fancy things were actually ciabatta and cheese. Magic.

So what had begun as a business meeting transformed into utter delight, great company, sparkling water and two of my favourite things, combined.

I savoured every last morsel and enjoyed it to the nth degree. The final cherry on top was slipping to the take away side to pick up a (freaking incredible!!!) choux donut on my way back to work.

The Hip Group. Nailed it again.


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4 Responses to Dining at The Store

  1. The cheese is so unusual. Do you know what kind of cheese it was?

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