Wardrobe Rethink

Wardrobe Revamp 1

I dream of a sparse wardrobe, contained to a perfect selection of neutrals. I’ll blame Sabrina Meijer for this one.

In reality it’s not so attainable. A sparse wardrobe sure looks beautiful but I imagine it would require a steely attitude towards letting go of once loved items and frequent replenishment. Maybe a more consistent climate would be useful too.

My reality is a bit more chaotic and attached than that. I literally dream of losing random objects and get rather upset when characters lose their phone/ sword/ lunch… What if they’ll need it later?

Nevertheless, a sparse wardrobe is a great thing to aspire to. And as I’ve become more and more familiar with the concept of the #frenchwardrobe and AfterDRk I’ve managed to become a wee bit more ruthless.

Hence a revisit to the wardrobe situation. It had got bad again. (Think no drawers, just shelves with clothes everywhere).

So I set my heart on obtaining a set of drawers. Trouble is, my room is tiny. I fell in love with the Malm collection from IKEA but there is zero room for even an 80 cm wide dresser. Then, peeking out from a random trademe tab I spotted this, the Malm 6 drawer chest. 40 cm wide, 6 drawers tall, a mirror in the lid.

My Flatpack had it advertised for an outrageous $589. I found it, brand new, still in cardboard on Trademe for $279. Still exorbitant but way more affordable.

Sure, as I’ve currently got things the mirror isn’t really able to be utilised but the outcome is such an improvement. Wardrobe Revamp IKEA MALM

If only there was just that teeny bit more space…

so how about the details…

I removed anything I hadn’t worn in recent memory, to be sorted into bin, charity, storage.

I separated my t-shirts into ‘nice’ and ‘sloppy’. Nice went into the IKEA dresser, sloppy into a drawer in a white Warehouse set of shelves.

For the ‘nice’ t-shirts and tops I changed up my folding system so that I can see each individual item.

I removed out of season clothing for temporary storage.

There was a small space on one side of the dresser, I shifted all of my formal/fancy/nighttime dresses to this side so they’re not in the way of my day-to-day ware.

So now that I’ve got things organised, I can work out my five piece shopping list. I’m thinking a black jacket, a pair of leather lace ups, a sashenka handbag and maybe a few handmade pieces as inspired by Jess...

Do pjs etc count?


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4 Responses to Wardrobe Rethink

  1. I went through my wardrobe last night! Actually chucked out so many things, and now I feel like I have no clothes :/ Time to go shopping!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. Rita BA says:

    It took me a really long time and moving countries 3 times before I my wardrobe became close to be what Cuyana is calling “a lean closet”. I’m not fully there yet but very, very close ;) (p.s. ikea prices in NZ are not even funny!)

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