A Guide to Auckland’s Cab Fares

I love hunting for a bargain and I hate to pay more for something than I need to. I also catch a lot of cabs and over the years have done some extensive cab fare research.

If you know me in person you’ve probably been dealt the ‘let me consult my list!’ card as I scroll through cab companies to let you know the best offer. Now I am sharing this list with you.

Never again will you be conned into a $3+ tariff. And if you do, well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

cab fares

There are discrepancies. Some cab companies charge a base fee/ waiting fees/ time in cab etc. None of the cab companies (except uber notably) list their tariffs online. Also, I’ve collected this info over a year or so, so rates may have changed.

So let me throw in my two cents.

If you have a choice always use Uber
or Co-Op. They’re both usually clean and relatively nice drives.

I personally like Uber best at the moment. Here’s why.


Uber charge a base fee of $1.50 and $1.45/km. That’s ridiculously cheap. It’s also easy to book (it’s app based) and if you refer users you get credit towards your account. When you book you receive the license plate, name, model of car and photo of your driver. The app will show you how far away they are. And the best bit? At the end of your ride you just hop out. No fussing around with money – you sign up with your debit/eft pos card and the transaction occurs online at the conclusion of your trip. You receive a notification of the fare and personally, I’ve been consistently delighted.

Sign up now and receive $10 credit! If the link doesn’t work the code is 9n4ex (not paid – I get credit myself as well!)

If all else fails and you have to go to a rank then consult the chart. Save it to your phone for easy access!


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9 Responses to A Guide to Auckland’s Cab Fares

  1. cateowen says:

    This is great! Thank you!

  2. Jenna says:

    Yay Uber rules!!

  3. I’ve never used Uber, but good to know. I use Co-Op because they are very professional and it’s kind of crazy that they are only 5 cents more than Budget.

  4. Alisha KP says:

    This is so great – Auckland is so expensive, we need more businesses like this!

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