WelcometobloggersbrunchclubAbout six months ago Lizzy, Laura and I started something. We’d all met each other at events and chatted online and got on really well but as great as that stuff is, it’s nothing like getting together in person and sharing ideas.

So we started #bloggersbrunchclub, a monthly brunch date where we would catch up to discuss all things blogging. A few times other friends joined us and every single time it was an absolute blast so we figured hey, why not open it up? Why not invite all the other bloggers to come and hang out with us and share ideas.

The response to that was quite astounding. 50 bloggers joined our group over a couple of days and we’re still growing. We had our first big brunch at Mezze a couple of weeks ago and found ourselves totally surrounded by frickin’ awesome people.

So we thought, what else could we do? Then light bulb.

Laura is a web developer, I am currently working on redesigning my blog. Laura has been an absolute god send so why not share that skill?

Thus #laptopclub was born.

laptopclub2#laptopclub is an opportunity to come together as bloggers and help each other out on the hard stuff. Laura will be around to give her expert advice on things like css and self hosting but we also encourage everyone to pool ideas and support each other to thrive over some yummy treats.

I am really excited.

sponsors (1)

With Anathoth and Harney & Sons on board as sponsors (thanks guys!) we’re set to put on a wicked spread for some wicked people.


Want to join in? Click over here for all the details on signing up. We’re nearly full so I wouldn’t dilly dally around!




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