Fun fact: At my high school we had a thing called ‘Marist Day’. It was a day where we would celebrate the school and the 7th formers would put on a show. In my last year of school our theme was something to do with childhood memories. I played Annie and my goal was to make myself sob and the whole school roar with laughter at me. From memory it worked.

Annie Orphans

To the point. Annie the Musical has opened in Auckland. Touring all the way from England this production boasts big names like Su Pollard and David McAlister along with a cast of orphans sourced right here in New Zealand.

I got to head along to the media call, what Megan of Thread has aptly described as a readers digest of the show – you get to hear a bit about the production, see a few of the songs, talk to the cast etc.

In two songs I was captured, there’s something about the familiar musicals that really grabs you and this one is no different. And then there’s the lights, the music, the sets, the costume, even the dog! It was captivating.

And impressive too.

We got a bit of background info about the production and discovered that the adults were an English cast that had tripped over for the gig while the orphans were all sourced locally. They rehearsed separately before coming together to put on the show.

I could only imagine how excited those children would be, imagine it, being an everyday kiwi kid and then getting to perform with people who have been on shows like Doctor Who and been stars of the West End. Magic.

The end result is looking pretty slick, so how about it? Tomorrow, tomorrow, can we go, tomorrow? (Tickets and info available here)

(Penny counting depending)

Annie Tomorrow Reprise


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5 Responses to Annie

  1. Wendy says:

    Little Wings and I loved the show, we saw it on Tuesday night and our Annie was amazing. My only minor problem was some of the ADULT cast had accents that would slip quite badly and all I could hear was British trying too hard to be NY. Other then that it was amazing.

    • madicattt says:

      Oh dear, I did wonder about that when I was talking to Su. You’d think they’d be better at that thought.

      I’m trying to budget a trip in for myself though, it was so fantastic in just two songs!

  2. Alisha KP says:

    Did you go to Marist?! I went to the primary school :)

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