golden wedding makeup

I would credit the original sources of these images but ~the internet~ means they are very highly used and original sources are hard to find. So kudos where kudos is worth and kudos to myself for putting them together to look like this…

One of my aunts is getting married this weekend and so she asked me if I would do her make up for the day. No biggie.

My initial response was horror – what if I make her look awful?! But then a creeping enthusiasm began to come over me. By the time I talked to her on the phone about it I was quite excited.

So I went to Pinterest for inspiration and in no time at all a concept was beginning to form. Warm, glowy, beachy, natural. Lib, I hope we’re on the same page…

golden wedding make up wishlist

This led to the construction of a wishlist, a ‘what I’d optimally use to create a look like those above.’

Luminous Skin

Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Brush on Glow came out in stores last week and has quickly worked it’s way into my staple makeup bag. It conceals, adds light and generally makes your eyes look more awesome.

When I’m wanting to be exceedingly radiant I generally match this up with Strobe Cream, but Strobe Cream be damned, I’ve recently discovered Smashbox’s Artificial Light which is just like Strobe but better. 

The blurb on Artificial Light makes it sound pretty similar to strobe as it highlights and adds a built-in soft focus for your skin. I like it more because it comes in three shades, with Glow being the most appropriate for this occasion – warm, bronzed, perfect.

Alternatively, Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze would do quite a similar trick.

Last but not least I’ve thrown in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and MAC’s Well Dressed. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette for it’s perfect dreamy finished skin factor and Well Dressed for adding just the lightest blush.

Gleaming Eyes

On the eye shadow front there are certainly the super obvious choices, which nevertheless are featured because despite being obvious they are also wonderful – these being MAC’s Woodwinked, All That Glitters and Nylon. My parents brought Woodwinked back from Sydney for me and I might say, it is quickly becoming a favourite.

But like I said, MAC is obvious, YSL on the other hand is special.

I don’t think enough people talk about YSL eye shadow. Sure, it’s pricy, but real talk – it is incredible. The finishes, the pigmentation, YSL is possibly my all time favourite when it comes to eye shadows. So what better opportunity than a wedding to splash out on the Ombres 5 Lumieres huh? Isn’t it beautiful? The one pictured is Tawny.


I’m sure a slick of black eye liner is a standard but recently (read: since I accidentally bought a charcoal gel liner and have failed to get around to buying another black eye liner) I’ve been really enjoying a bronze eye pencil from Revlon. It started off as a ahhhh, I guess I’ll try this sort of thing but I’ve grown to really like how it looks, perhaps (strong words) even more than black.

Frustratingly, it would appear that that Revlon eye liner is no longer on the market, but I found Lord It Up at MAC which is just as pretty.

Last but not at all least – MAC Syrup. No explanation needed.

There are obvious missing items from this wishlist – a great primer (I’d go with Smashbox), a my skin but so much better foundation (more subjective, possibly Mac studio sculpt, possibly Smashbox again), mascara (They’re Real?),  a translucent setting powder and fix+ spray to hold it all together. But the bones are there, the bits which take it that one step further.

So how about it, Lib? 




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5 Responses to Gleaming

  1. makeuppernz says:

    Love this post! I’ve never actually tried YSL eyeshadows before, like you said, no one really seems to talk about it – but now you’ve got me intrigued.
    Also been wanting to pick up MAC Syrup – but always seem to forget about it

  2. Morgan says:

    Exciting! Exciting for Lib and exciting/scary for you!

    I think for a wedding look, it’s fine to skip the black liner. Or go easy and just push some black shadow into the lash line (this is what I have been doing lately and I love it THANKS NIC CHAPMAN). Actually seriously, the Pixiwoo wedding makeup tutorials are great if you need any tips :)

    • madicattt says:

      I hadn’t even thought of them! I ended up keeping it really simple, good base, woodwinked, a tiny bit of bronzer, bronze eyeliner. She looked beautiful if I might say myself.

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