Petit Bocal

mushrooms on toast two Salmon, scramble and croissant

On a chilly Saturday morning, a few weeks past I found myself with dogs and aunt and mother on a mission for sustenance. We’d been up Big King for a trot and whilst Orvieto would have been convenient, Petit Bocal was calling.

In a continuation of my ongoing obsession with mushrooms I and Aunt ordered the Oyster and Portobello Mushrooms with Herbs, Cream and Basil Pesto whilst my mother opted for the Salmon Gravlax Scrambled Eggs with Creme Fraiche, Chives and a warm Croissant.

Prior to this visit I’d been to Petit Bocal before, it was actually an early #bloggersbrunchclub venue, but it hadn’t particularly stood out from the crowd. Then these dishes arrived and thoughts started pinging…

See, did you ever read The Tales of Redwall? They were children’s books set in an animal world, packed with politics, drama and copious descriptions of delicious food…

After all, who could resist roast chestnuts served in cream and honey, or clover oatcakes dipped in hot redcurrant sauce, celery and herb cheese on acorn bread with chopped radishes or a huge home baked seed and sweet barley cake with mint icing, all washed down with either October ale, pear cordial, strawberry juice or good fresh milk…

 p. 93. Mossflower, Brian Jacques

And so when the meals above came out, bedecked in wild flowers, oozing with flavour, it took me back. Back to a series of books which I think were pivotal to evolving my relationship with food beyond simply a tongue and stomach thing but to an all consuming mental thing.

I’m not alone here, there’s even a food of Redwall blog… (could be updated, over 10 years old, I nominate Laura and Eleanor to the task)

I found myself a little taken aback at the sight but that didn’t hold me back for long. It turned out that not only was it eye wateringly delectable to gaze upon, it was also dribble worthy on the taste front. Rich and creamy but perfect.

Let’s have a closer look…

mushrooms on toastOof.


If only every meal could be both beautiful and delicious and utterly satisfying. It’s a feat that in all my eating experience I can say is a rather limited. Dare I say that Petit Bocal gives The Store and Ortolana a run for their money…

Located at 177 Sandringham Road, Petit Bocal is well worth an experience. A French inspired menu in a setting that is both bright and friendly during the day time and warm and intimate at night (side note – the best Rose I have ever ever tasted was consumed here). Petit Bocal is an absolute favourite.

Eat there. 



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4 Responses to Petit Bocal

  1. Delightful! Something about flowers on a plate make it suddenly so festive.

  2. Alisha KP says:

    I adore Petite Bocal! Nice review.

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