#thecapital outside

‘I’m going on a liquid diet.’

Guffaw. That’s not really something that I am particularly likely to dabble in. But I think it may need to happen. Somehow the madness has to stop.

That madness being eating ridiculously delicious and large volumes of food until I feel ill every, single, damn day. It’s getting uncomfortable. My clothes are soon going to have something to say about it.

I’m not really complaining though.

It all started last Thursday with #TheCapital.


For two nights only, week before last, Tourism Wellington brought The Capital to Auckland with a series of pop up restaurants and bars tucked inside Silo 6.

Logan Brown, Hawthorn Lounge, Grill Meats Beer, Six Barrel Soda, Duke Carvell’s, Scopa, The Library, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Flight Coffee, Leeds Street Bakery, Ti Kouka, ParrotDog, Garage Project and House of Dumplings were all on show with delicious morsels for us to taste.

Initially I wasn’t cool enough to be invited, but the kind actions of Megan saw me on put on the list (again, thank you!) So with a skip in my step (or more, a rushed order of an Uber and a quick (probably unneccesary) drink at Miss Clawdy’s) Steph and I found ourselves at #TheCapital.

cocktail library bar

We started with cocktails at The Library. It set the scene nicely, light berry cocktails and an absolute slammer filled with gingerbread syrup. Both delicious, and to be honest, every single thing we tried (bar the beer, but hey – neither of us actually ever drink beer… Yeah yeah, wasted, I know…) was phenomenal.

It may be a bit early to say it but, hey Wellington, you’re pretty good at this restaurant thing.

duke carvells smoked mackerel bagel

So with a drink each to keep us hydrated and merry we moved along to Duke Carvell’s who were offering Smoked Mackerel Bagels. Steph is not so much a seafood eater so I was pretty surprised to see her gobble it down. But it was good, so good that I grabbed one to take to Francesca who I was meeting later (although I should have grabbed myself a second one to take home too goddamnit). Distressingly, this does not appear to be on their menu as a regular item.

Scopa pasta

Without even having to move our next course was upon us. Pork and Fennel pasta from Scopa. Please excuse me if I say that this was the bomb shit. Flavoursome, fresh, I mean, personally I’m not really the type to go out for Italian but for this, I would. I think it might have even been my favourite treat of the night. Their website is also kinda cool.

six barrell soda zester

And so, with two meals and two cocktails down we figured it was time to go and talk to Six Barrel Soda.

How could we not? Their bar was adorned all over in fruit and spices – the ingredients that go into their sodas. We were able to sniff and prod and taste and even take away a spiked soda to sip and one to take home.

ti kouka cafe

And yet, it continues. We passed by Parrot Dog and Garage Project as beer isn’t really our thing. Tasted the chocolate from Wellington Chocolate Factory and picked up a Salted Caramel biscuit from Leeds St Bakery.

And then this caught our eye, a Pulled Pork, Pork Belly and Bacon bun from Ti Kouka. Seasoned with hoisin, mint and coriander. This was pure indulgence, absolute ridiculousness in a bun. It was delicious.

We gobbled them down, grabbed a dumpling as it went past and look, I’ll be honest, we were starting to feel the strain – it had only been 50 minutes.

salmon soba

So from there it was time for Salmon and Soba from Grill Meats Beer

meat grill sign

paua fritter logan brown

And a freakin’ phenomenal Paua Fritter from Logan Brown.

By then we were done. We stopped by Flight for a parting coffee topped with chocolate, I ordered another Uber and stepped out into the night.

flight coffee

But wait, I forgot someone. Or more, I was saving the very very best for last.

Hawthorne Lounge.

hawthorn lounge bartenderI mean they sort of had it easy – they were serving my favourite drink. But they also had the best story in an evening full of fantastic stories.

Let me recount it as best I can.

So tell me, have you ever heard of a Gimlet?

It is said that the Gimlet arose from a Rose’s Lime Cordial competition. They asked for suggestions of how to drink the cordial and someone responded simply, ‘Add gin to it’. And so the Gimlet was born, being a cocktail primarily constituted of Lime and Gin.

It appears to have been created in the 1920’s and since then many a ‘cocktologist’ has dabbled in tweaking it’s constitution.

Hawthorne Lounge have given it a punch of the sailor, creating The Gunpowder Gimlet. A mixture of their very own strength of Lighthouse Gin, Six Barrel Soda Co Lime Syrup and Gunpowder Rum.

Gunpowder Rum has a story of it’s own – Gunpowder and Rum were once the most dangerous things to travel on the high seas. Sailors would be wary of getting cheated with watered down rum, but they had a trick. Rum mixed with gunpowder would boom, watered down rum wouldn’t. The boom would be the proof.

Thus, Gunpowder rum is made from a blend of rums, chili, calumet and gunpowder.

Mixed together, the Gunpowder Gimlet is a hardy but divine drink.

hawthorn lounge

And so there we have it. The night that kicked off a week of culinary extravagance. Tomorrow? We’re talking Mexico.



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10 Responses to #TheCapital

  1. Ah the perils of being a food blogger. Maybe it’s time to feast and fast? For some reason a liquid diet suggests booze diet to me…

    • madicattt says:

      Hahahahahahah I think a booze diet is part of the problem! I’ve been drinking AND eating so so so much. Maybe I need to go on one of those juice cleanses. -_-

  2. frockandroll says:

    *Drool*. I could never be on any kind of liquid diet because I love food too much, and this post just reminded me WHY! I’m totally making heart-eyes at everything, but that salmon and soba? Yuuum!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this! Sounds like such a fun night, and all the food looks delicious. So jealous, I would have loved trying all that :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  4. Alisha KP says:

    This sounds like the most amazing event!

  5. Ashley says:

    The event sounded and looked amazing! Pretty awesome idea :D

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