Fiesta¡ at Mexico!


So it turns out that a few wines and Mexico’s low lighting does not a great photographer make. Lets be honest here, I struggle with restaurant photography at the best of times but oops. I really managed to muck it up this time. So let me describe to you blow by blow why Mexico’s Fiesta menu is the best deal ever and you can sit here and have the images popping into your head because my use of adjectives will be just that good!

Last Wednesday was day 6 of the eating binge. In between there had been a day of free function left overs at work, a day of travelling and going out for Vietnamese in Wellington, a Wedding, a day of being vaguely hung over in Wellington (more Wellington posts to come obviously), another day of travelling and then Wednesday.

Wednesday was work dinner day. That being the day when work would take the team out for dinner because they are so very kind and because we are so very hard working.

Mexico was the venue and the Fiesta menu was the meal. To be entirely honest, somehow, I thought I’d probably not get to eat much. I was wrong.

For $30 a head we were treated to an absolute feast. Like, you thought I ate a lot of food at #TheCapital? This meal easily rivalled it, because it’s not just the menu for the table – we had a group of 14 so it was each dish between four people and then an individual taco each.

You can read the menu for yourself here.

So, what stood out?

There were the usual faves – the beetroot dip, the fried chicken, the 3 cheese quesadilla. They were all amazing as usual, but I mean, we knew that – we get those dishes nearly every time we go to Mexico.

I’ll throw adjectives at you –

The beetroot dip = fragrant, not too woody, sweet, divine.
The fried chicken = spicy, juicy, perfectly formed.
The 3 cheese quesadilla = indulgent, dripping with cheese, sensational.

Then there were the surprises, the things we’d never tried before.

The grilled squid – perfectly cooked, not too chewy, not too rare, doused in lime and accompanied with a savoury rice.
The smoked fish quesadilla – everything a smoked fish quesadilla should be, morish, not too fishy, damp or soft (everything I associate bad fish sandwiches with).

And the brussel sprout salad.

It would turn out that the following days over eating would also feature a brussel sprout salad – who knew that they would be so very popular. I’m not complaining though, brussel sprout are like baby cabbages, perfect in every way. Even better when matched with red rice and zucchini. By this stage I was so so full that I could barely touch another bite and I’m ashamed to say that my taste flash back skills betray me. But it was amazing, I promise you.

Alongside all the eating we guzzled on sparkling sangria and pomegranate margaritas, eating til we were full to bursting. When last drinks were called I foolishly said no, no, I’m fine. Within 5 minutes I’d digested a bit and was ready to keep going.

We headed on to Racket and Orleans where my previous terrible terrible service experiences were redeemed by a charming bar tender who would serve me $9.50 Tom Collins. A dangerous move it would turn out as it ended up to be one of those nights where you end up at New Flavour at 2 in the morning.

So worth it.

The Fiesta Menu as mentioned above was an absolute revelation however. Available to groups of 10+ you can nab it for $30 and be wowed. Like seriously, how often do you get that much amazing food, that cheap without being at a Dom Rd restaurant? Boys, are you in to try this for yourselves?* OH ALSO – The cocktail class looks damn cool too.

Mexico, you have my heart.

*Boys being the boys I associate myself with in real life and who occasionally, when I ask them will come and eat and drink with me. Occasionally.



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One Response to Fiesta¡ at Mexico!

  1. Alisha KP says:

    Hahahah who would have thought you’d have brussels sprouts two nights in a row! Good times!

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