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Little Kitchen Club Menu

Nestled inside a warm and cosy Grey Lynn home you’ll find Little Kitchen Club. It’s not the sort of place where you can just rock on up but instead a special experience tailored especially for you and five friends.

You book in and are asked if there is anything you dislike. From there Todd Emerson, your personal chef for the eve will whip up a menu, just for you.

On the night we had selected I was coming to the conclusion of my week of extravagant eating (or so I thought). I was hungover, I was full. I was not particularly looking forward to more eating.

But Little Kitchen Club was something I’d been looking forward to for some time, see Todd is one of those people who tortures you a bit on Facebook. He’s a very talented actor but last year he went to cooking school. Ever since his feed has become delicious dish after delicious dish. When Little Kitchen Club came onto the scene there was no stopping me. I had to be there.

So whilst I may have been feeling less than chirpy, I was going.

entree Little Kitchen Club

Upon arrival we were met by the lovely Andrew Laing, our host for the night. We were led into the lounge, a haven of warmth from the stormy Auckland night outside. Fire playing on the tv in the background and a spread of delicious treats for us to dig into. (Please excuse the shocking photos, or not, just know that I know they’re not the best).

Feijoa Chutney, Olive Tapenade, Chicken Liver Pate and Sourdough made from a 65 year old bug. It was a beautiful introduction. Every element wowing our tastebuds and making my mouth foam up in remembrance.

We got to know each other – I’d done a cruel thing and invited wonderful girls but nearly all strangers to each other, food is a great way to make new friends.

Soup Little Kitchen Club

Soon it was time to move into the kitchen for our entrée, a bowl of cauliflower, parsnip and ham soup. I have been nagging my mother for swede soup for what feels like an eternity so this was a welcome delight. In fact I think it may have been the highlight of the evening. Creamy soup, and ham placed on top. A flavour explosion.

Main 2 Little Kitchen Club

While the entrée may have been my favourite dish, the main was no less impressive. Pork Loin wrapped in prosciutto with brussel sprout salad. See, I told you I had it twice in two days. This again was a triumph – why don’t people love brussel sprouts when they can be so damn good?!

Cheesecake Little Kitchen Club

And so the night creeped to a close with dessert of grapefruit tart and raw chocolate ganache and lemon verbena tea. My collection of strangers had become great company and our chef and host were beyond compare.

Little Kitchen Club is closed for a wee while as Todd and his lovely boyfriend Kip venture south to put on what will be fantastic shows in Dunedin. You can follow Little Kitchen Club on Facebook to keep an eye on their return home and I urge you, once they’re back, book in! It’s a lovely evening and at $60/head it’s a fantastic deal.


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1 Response to Little Kitchen Club

  1. Alisha KP says:

    A perfect write-up of a lovely, lovely evening! We should do a reunion in summer! x

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