Le Tortois // The Turtleneck is Back

Adam in Turtleneck
The rarely pictured darling of mine.
Credit // Matthew Waymouth

Oh wow! A break from food posts.

But real talk, today it’s all about the turtleneck.

I’m not quite sure what started this, there was an incident where Josiah couldn’t get into a club wearing one and then a morning taking head shots which evolved into something far more bizarre. That photo shoot gave birth to another, far stranger event. And yet, the end result was something rather special. You see, as we all slipped on the turtleneck, something new was born. Something we’ve come to call (as inspired by our director and photographer – Matt Waymouth), Le Tortois.

Le TortoisCredit // Matthew Waymouth


It is time for the turtleneck to make a comeback.

However it would appear that while turtlenecks have totally been a thing for girls in recent times, they are not for our menfolk. As Josiah quickly discovered, turtlenecks are simply not available on the Kiwi high street.

We took to the Internet, as any Gen Y person would, ruffled through reddit sub feeds and fought through the geo restrictions adhered to by Uniqlo and American Apparel. The struggle continued.

And then we discovered The Turtleneck Club, an elite group of fashion aware and culturally refined individuals – life was never meant to be cheap.

Josiah emailled them and soon it felt like we were getting somewhere!


It warms the heart and neck to see your photos. If you don’t mind I will share it with our Facebook fans.

As far as quality garments go, I’ve found John Smedley to have excellent stock. As well I might mention Pringle of Scotland.

Craig Judkins’

Craig knows his stuff – his recommendation of John Smedley even features Cashmere/Silk blend  turtlenecks. But I thought all this talk of turtlenecks called for some inspiration, time for a wish list perhaps?

turtle style 1
images from Pinterest – as such no credit given -_-

I mean look at it, just look at it. Suave.

Also – you know how we were having trouble finding turtlenecks? Shopstyle to the rescue!

turtle style
From L-R Clockwise 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

Want more? I’ve also created a pinterest board which caters to both the men and lady folk.

So how about it, the turtleneck? le tortois? Will you be joining us in the movement?

Mad props to Matt Waymouth and the rest of the crew for the amazing photos. Want to see more? Head over to Rad and Kool Portraitz. Then book Matt for styling jobs.



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4 Responses to Le Tortois // The Turtleneck is Back

  1. Dude, I’m wearing a turtleneck right now. It’s dark grey, merino and has puff sleeves for a quirky lady-version. I don’t know if it’s back, but I never stopped wearing them since the 80’s. Does this mean I’m tragic?

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