Terror Highway

537161-257397-34A couple of weeks ago an invitation to the opening night of Dynamotion’s Terror Highway popped into my inbox.

‘New Zealand’s foremost colour-coordinated comedy-dance troupe conclude their blood-soaked Terror Trilogy on the road to hell.

In a town so small where the only thing to do is your cousin, three sassy waitresses are wrongly convicted of mass murder.
They bust outta jail to clear their name and avenge the death of local heart-throb, Chris-Lee. Their road to vengeance is lined with sadistic gator farmers, hell-bound hillbillies and a dance-off with The Devil himself.’

Now copying in copy is usually a no no in my books but this blurb was too great to pass by. I quickly fired off a yes please! in response. Persuading Adam to come with me was going to be a tad bit harder… I omitted the comedy dance troupe bit and he agreed.

After filling our bellies with delicious food at Kura (tick! one down) we sauntered towards The Basement. It was packed. We sardined our way to the bar before finally, praise be, the doors opened and we were able to select our seats. Adam was nice and full and happy, he was excited to be seeing a play for the first time in a while.

Then the lights came up and it became very, very obvious that the comedy dance aspect was going to be impossible to miss. Sorry not sorry, it was incredible.

Terror Highway is an action packed laugh a mili second romp that is (in Adam’s words) loosely Natural Born Killers meets Lady Gaga. Between booming music, gyrating hips and a drawling voice over, I found myself enchanted by a revenge saga that was both totally ridiculous and utterly fantastic.

Co creator’s Thomas Sainsbury and Lara Fischel-Chisholm have crafted a piece of work that was pure lolz. I’ve seen a few people err on whether they got it or not but it’s literally the blurb plus music and dancing. Ludicrously simple revenge fun – what more is there to get?

Their cast, led by Lara and rounded out with Chris Parker, Kate Simmonds, Karamia Muller, Roberto Nascimento, Perlina Lau, Elizabeth McMenamin, Kermath Davies, Dan Veint & Marion Prebble ate into our souls with their focus, their drive. Their twerking.

With beautiful lights (will update you by who as soon as I know) and with a booty shaking soundtrack it rounds out to be an inimitable production.

When we weren’t watching the show itself, we were totally captivated by watching other people watch it. There was this one girl, front row, long curly brown locks whose mouth was nearly touching the floor for the duration of the show. I have never seen anyone look so delighted, so girl – if you read this please say hello, I want to be friends with someone as visually happy as you.

Then there were the people who looked pained. Oh poor souls, sure it’s ridiculous, sure it’s silly, but c’mon. Just give in, you know you want to.

If you want to go to a show that will pull your cheeks taut and give you a sore belly from laughing too much then this is a good selection. Similarly, if you have a friend who is being a grumpy bum and needs to loosen up, drag them along and watch them blossom. You’ll thank me (and Dynamotion, thank them too) afterwards.

But be quick, it closes on Saturday and this one is bound to sell out. Buy Tickets here

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