q5In New Zealand it’s easy to get caught up with party politics and never really learn about the people standing in your own electorate. This election I’ve tried to give every candidate (in Auckland and Wellington) a voice by asking them 5 questions. Read more about the series here.



Incumbent: John Key // National

Standing in 2014:
Deborah Dougherty | Conservatives
Kennedy Graham | Greens
John Key | National
Laila Harre | Internet Mana
Phelan Pirrie | Act
Corie Haddock | Labour
Penny Bright | Independent


Young feel like their vote doesn’t count as MPs are more interested about politicking.

I understand exactly how they feel! I hate the posturing and peacocking that goes on in election year and I especially hate the lies. They chuck around money bag incentives like lollies and never deliver on any of them. Like you, people like me are not being considered when blanket law and policy is made and I have had enough! I came across the Conservative Party about three years ago and got to know Colin Craig. He is a man just as frustrated as we are and putting his money where his mouth is to prove it. His standards and integrity are reflected in the party policy and it is sound. So I got brave! I decided that if I was not going to be heard then I was going to do something about it. I decided that a Conservative Party presence is needed in the halls of government and put my party vote there. My vote counted because this minor party gained 2.9% of the vote in 5 weeks of campaigning! I have now got even braver! I have decided that my candidacy is representative of women in Helensville just like me; hark working, honest family people who believe in a great future for their kids and will doing what it takes to see it happen. I am standing up to be counted. I am doing that which is necessary to represent women and families who see a bright future for their kids.

What do you think characterises the Helensville Electorate?

Hard working Kiwis who just get on with life no matter what is thrown at them. They epitomise the Kiwi ‘can do’ attitude and are passionate about their community and families. They believe in the fundamental standards of life that make a community and a nation great and they outwork that belief with common sense.

What do you think the most important issue is for New Zealanders?

Being heard! Binding Referenda is desperately needed. Government are making law and policy in social areas that break down the fundamental standards of family and community life. More than two thirds of New Zealanders voted in referendum to increase the drinking age, leave the definition of marriage alone and repeal the anti-smacking law, but they went right on ahead and did it! We are now reaping the outcome that we knew would happen but government said wouldn’t. Under the anti-smacking law alone, two good families a week are being investigated by police and the child abuse rate has gone up by 32%. We New Zealanders know what we are talking about because we are a collective of doctors, nurses, police, teachers, counsellors, physiatrists, parents, blue collar works, IT specialists, artists, defence force, business owners, caregivers for the elderly, young, old … This knowledge and experience far outweighs the knowledge and experience of 121 people deciding our lifestyle law. New Zealanders say “you want to sanction our life? You ask us first and really listen and hear our responses and respond accordingly”.

Do you think this is the same for New Zealanders living in the Helensville Electorate?

Absolutely! They are family/community people. They understand the value of good solid foundations and training. They are very frustrated that they are not being heard and very disappointed in the direction that their electorate candidate John Key has gone. He is supposed to vote with the people’s voice in mind, note what he thinks should happen.

What is your pet piece of policy? Why?

Binding Referenda! Our country’s foundations are cracking because social law is being passed that is damaging families and children. It won’t matter how good the government’s economic policy is or how much money they give a community to feed children because the next generation won’t be able to function as fully developed adults. If the current line-up of gender confusion policy gets passed in the next few years, our kids will be seeing physiatrists at the age of 30, still trying to discover who they are. Every child needs to reach the age of 21 with a fully developed understanding of who they are. From that foundation they can make any decision they like because they have something to measure their decisions against.

What will you do to improve the local Helensville Community?

The fundamental thing that the Helensville Community can count on is that I will vote the way two thirds of the country want. I will only support policy and law that is reflective of the Community.

Why should I vote for you?

You should vote for me because I am a reasonable, logical, common sense person who loves her community and works hard for it. But most of all, you should place your Party Vote with Conservative. Conservative Party presence in government means that your voice is heard and law and policy is voted your way.

Vote for the Restoration of Reason.

Vote Conservative!



What do you think characterises the Helensville Electorate?

It is demographically diverse, from the Waitakeres to the West Coast beaches to the rural centre.

What do you think the most important issue is for New Zealanders? Do you think this is the same for New Zealanders living in the Helensville Electorate?

The need for a clean environment, a fairer society and a greener, smarter economy.  Yes, that applies to the electorate as well.

What is your pet piece of policy? Why?

I don’t really have a pet policy.  But the need to prevent dangerous climate change overshadows anything humanity has faced before, and this has implications for New Zealand and Helensville.

What will you do to improve the local Helensville Community?

Focus on kauri dieback, clean beaches, protection of the endangered Maui dolphin, warm and affordable housing, and better public transport in and around Auckland. And an effective national climate policy.

Why should I vote for you? 

If you are in Mt Albert, you won’t get the chance.  But no matter: the critical thing is to party vote Green.

The candidates featured in this post are those who have responded. If you are a candidate in Helensville and would still like to be included, it’s not too late. Flick me an email at madicattt@gmail.com and I will slip you in.



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