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Oscar Wilde has always delighted me. When I was very small my grandmother would read to me The Happy Prince and Selfish Giant. His words quickly became integral to the history of my love affair with literature.

Yet, I didn’t think much when I was invited to Earnest. I was most excited to see the cast and didn’t think to look further than the name. I had no idea what I would find beyond music and storytelling.

The evening of Earnest turned out to be rather hurried. Steph and I had decided to go outside our comfort zone and check out a new restaurant for restaurant month. How foolish. Our food was delicious but the service was dreadfully slow. 20 minutes to even ask for our orders and despite me asking the server if it was plausible to be in and out within the hour (he said yes) we still found ourselves getting our food in a container to eat after the show.

We arrived at Q flustered but glamorous. To celebrate opening the show they had asked the audience to come in black tie. We enthusiastically obliged. The floor length slinky and sparkly World Couture dress came out for a whirl with some fancy eyeshadow to match.

For Earnest, Last Tapes had transformed the Q Loft into a 1950’s gay gentleman’s club. After being greeted at the door by the ever fabulous Stephen Butterworth we waded through dense haze to our seats. Elegantly strung festoons adorned the air and a supremely cool band of girls lined the back of the stage.

Earnest - cast and band (1)  - photos credit Tatiana Harper

The show opened and we were sold. Eight men, a brilliant story and kickin’ tunes. To quote Oscar himself on the matter,

‘The future belongs to the dandy. It is the exquisites who are going to rule.’

It took me about ten minutes to recognise the story. How foolish of me, of course Earnest would be The Importance of Being Earnest. From that moment on I was in total rapture. For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Importance of Being Earnest is the absurd story of a young man who was found in a questionable location as a babe and his pursuit for love. It is ridiculous, it is hilarious, it is brilliant. Benjamin Henson as director has done a brilliant job conducting his all male cast whilst musical director Robin Kelly was a perfect match.

Without a doubt Earnest has strolled its way into my best shows of 2014.

It is on at Q Theatre until Saturday 6th of September. For more information and tickets trot your fingers along to here. I urge you to go see it.


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