In New Zealand it’s easy to get caught up with party politics and never really learn about the people standing in your own electorate. This election I’ve tried to give every candidate (in Auckland and Wellington) a voice by asking them 5 questions. Read more about the series here.


 Incumbent: Maurice Williamson // National

Standing in 2014:
Andrew Craig | Conservative
Barry Kirker | Labour
Jamie Whyte | Act
Maurice Williamson | National


What do you think characterises the Pakuranga Electorate?

It can be described as conservative and stable. The average age is older than the medium for New Zealand, There is a high percentage of Chinese persons (about 35%) and a significant percentage of self-employed persons. It has some diversity with people struggling financially  in certain parts of the electorate, while there are a number of people in the more affluent ‘Bay’ areas. Common thing for all people are family issues including schooling, and transport concerns.

What do you think the most important issue is for New Zealanders? Do you think this is the same for New Zealanders living in the Pakuranga Electorate?

Employment, Family, and Health are the most important things for all New Zealanders including those in Pakuranga.

What is your pet piece of policy? Why?

There are two: improving Mental Health services, as I am Clinical Psychologist; and improving the behaviour of MPs, as I think that is important in order for people to value politicians.

What will you do to improve the local Pakuranga Community?

Advocate for more housing options for those wanting to downsize, better public transport, smaller classes sizes at school, training or employment for all school leavers, small business opportunities (over big business), and better access to health services; as well as help apply Labour policies to reduce poverty in New Zealand which will be of benefit to the people of Pakuranga

Why should I vote for you? 

I am person with high integrity who will advocate strongly for all persons in the Pakuranga Electorate.

The candidates featured in this post are those who have responded. If you are a candidate in Auckland Central and would still like to be included, it’s not too late. Flick me an email at and I will slip you in. 

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