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In New Zealand it’s easy to get caught up with party politics and never really learn about the people standing in your own electorate. This election I’ve tried to give every candidate (in Auckland and Wellington) a voice by asking … Continue reading

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Indigenous Rights Discriminate Against Indigenous People

A note on what you’re about to read. This piece was written for a debate where the moot was, ‘That indigenous rights discriminate against non-indigenous people.’ Personally I believe that there is validity in indigenous rights. Indigenous rights are no … Continue reading

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It’s In The Bag!

How much?! TOO MUCH! A few weeks ago Te Unga Waka Marae was taken over by Blue Bach Productions for the Grand Finale of It’s In The Bag. Now in it’s fifth season, It’s In The Bag is a reboot … Continue reading

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Should Rongoā Māori be Publicly Funded?

The question of funding for Rongoā Māori is controversial. Late last year funding for Rongoā hit the headlines as medical specialists compared the traditional medicine to witchcraft and wizardry. Michael Laws put in his two cents suggesting that the idea … Continue reading

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What Makes A Māori?

  What does it mean to be Māori?  This is what my tutor asked the class yesterday. Arguing about the treaty and constitutional rights. That was easy. But what does it mean to be Māori? No really, what makes you … Continue reading

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Things that are GOOD Friday: 19

  Oops. So this past week has been pretty good, so I figure I should get right into it before any last remaining Fridays end out there. I’ve had really good responses to blog posts this week, particularly my one … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Communism Isn’t It?

If you’re on twitter you may have noticed that last night, Campbell Live was trending. Maybe you were even participating in the tweeting on the subject. Twitter was how I came to discover this story and it’s a story that … Continue reading

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