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Closing This Week…

One for me and one for you. A play in Auckland, a dance show in Wellington. Both stunning, both closing this week. MAMIL I find myself often grasping to understand why blokes like being blokes. Then I went to MAMIL … Continue reading

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Terror Highway

A couple of weeks ago an invitation to the opening night of Dynamotion’s Terror Highway popped into my inbox. ‘New Zealand’s foremost colour-coordinated comedy-dance troupe conclude their blood-soaked Terror Trilogy on the road to hell. In a town so small where … Continue reading

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Comedy Fest Top Picks

I don’t know anything at all about the comedy scene, and I’m also a bit of a hardass when it comes to anything racist/sexist/ dumb. You could say that perhaps I’m a wee bit serious. But, I also think that … Continue reading

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Babel (Words)

There was once one language, a common speech shared by all humans. Together humans decided that they would build a tower that would reach the heavens and thereby make their name and unify all humanity. This tower was called Babel. … Continue reading

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On Saturday I went to Urban with my mother and sisters. With a cast of performers who were once disadvantaged youth, Urban is a circus with grit. A performance that combines acrobatics and aerial stunts with street dance to look … Continue reading

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Breath of the Volcano

French pyrotechnics Groupe F do not just put on firework shows. Yes, their shows have huge bangs, flying and fire tricks but it wouldn’t really fit to call them a circus either. Instead Groupe F is best described as creating … Continue reading

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