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Wheels of Experience

When I was a child there seemed to be a persistent idea that New Zealand had no history, no stories worth telling. Sure, I learnt about Kate Sheppard, Sir Edmund Hillary and The Treaty of Waitangi (never Te Tiriti note) … Continue reading

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Little Kitchen Club

Nestled inside a warm and cosy Grey Lynn home you’ll find Little Kitchen Club. It’s not the sort of place where you can just rock on up but instead a special experience tailored especially for you and five friends. You … Continue reading

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Dining at The Store

  Who do you desire most? A perfectly ripe avocado? Salmon, gravlaxed, smoked, raw? Capers, or should I say salty balls of magic, Soft shell crab, fresh from Masu? Mushrooms, drenched in garlic and butter, Cheese, soft, smooth, stinky, creamy… … Continue reading

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Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones

I couldn’t go to Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones but it sounded amazing – shadow puppetry? comedy? kids show? All scream ‘this will be great!!!’ to me. Then it occurred to me – I have kid sisters, I could send them … Continue reading

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Earlier this year I won a competition to be the official blogger for the New Zealand Comedy Fest. It was a huge surprise for me to win and quite exciting. I got to head to a handful of shows and … Continue reading

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There’s something special about reading a book, the pages crisp and excited to see you for the first time or lightly crumpled with the memory of those who have flicked through the pages before.┬áThese days between work and uni, reading … Continue reading

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Babel (Words)

There was once one language, a common speech shared by all humans. Together humans decided that they would build a tower that would reach the heavens and thereby make their name and unify all humanity. This tower was called Babel. … Continue reading

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